F&B – Trading & Retail

Trading, Processing, Cold Storage & Retail : Seafer has a wide range of operations in the food industry ranging from imports, processing, distribution, and retail.

PT. Anggur Merah Subur

PT. Anggur Merah Subur is a distributor of alcoholic beverage and cooking ingredients that focuses on Japanese Sake, Shochu, Plum wine and Cooking wine.

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PT. UFISH Bento Indonesia

Seafer is not only serious about work, the Group is serious about food too! Committed to bringing fresh seafood from the ocean to the table, Seafer created PT. Ufish Bento Indonesia, an F&B outlet chain with a bento and coffee grab-to-go concept. Delicious, healthy, convenient, and affordable.

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PT. Laut Panen Raya

Pacific Mackerel is one of Indonesia’s staple seafood that is loved nationwide. With Seafer Group’s longstanding good reputation as a seafood player enable the Group to apply for seafood import quota also through PT. Laut Panen Raya.

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PT. Madu Manis Makmur

PT. Madu Manis Makmur processes industrial honey and coconut sugar and sell to both local and overseas wholesalers and retail businesses including bakeries and restaurants. Its coconut sugar is processed, packaged and retailed under the Bali Sweets brand.

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